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 Welcome to RP!

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PostWelcome to RP!

Welcome everyone to DTD (Doors to Destiny) the name of our rp! DTD is a unique rp in that it is comprised of players creating their own unique characters and story lines. It is completely free-roam within Island Of Tundre, and allows one to create their own plot and act out their own yugioh world however they wish.

There is an extra deck system, called the "Level System". In this system, all participants stat at Level 1, and gain EXP as they participate in events and duel. As you do so, you level up and unlock more cards for your use.

DTD takes place on Tundre Island, a remote GX like island far away from other civilization. The island is huge and has a small town located on the south side named WindFall. The island is home to large jungle like forests, huge mountains that almost touch the clouds, an even an active volcano! The most famous thing on the island however, is the world renowned duel academy that is on the north side. This duel academy is where the most powerful teen-age duelists come to train, good or evil. The academy can only be entered by invitation and all the teachers are current or former pros. The academy is huge and has been around for centuries and resembles a huge dark castle. The academy is very strict and has heavy security. There are many rules, but the biggest rule is, never wander outside of the academy grounds alone when the stars are not out.

All in all, there are several posts concerning Door to Destiny. The first is a character design sheet, located in the “RP” section. Before you do anything, go over there and design your character. Second, please talk to an me and inform them you are joining (if none are on feel free to pm one) and they will make a post for you in the Level/Exp Sheet, which tracks your level and exp. Third, and finally, go ahead and make a new post in “RP” with your character and details. This section will be your personal chronicle, and it is highly recommended that you post with your own adventures and such.

After you have finished an rp duel please tell an admin so that they can award you EXP, or better yet take a screenshot.
So, good luck to you all in all, and remember things on Tundre Island are never what they appear to be.
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Welcome to RP! :: Comments

Re: Welcome to RP!
Post on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:35 pm  MoondarSaebjorn
Please note that i may revise the set-up that is explained here. i have no clue what charlotte was planning over here, but based on circumstances i may have to change it so don't worry about the setting. the level system may also get completely removed; teh naming will also probably be changed. So far I will keep it as a GX styled island academy.

Welcome to RP!

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