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 Roleplay Structure ( plz read and respond)

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PostRoleplay Structure ( plz read and respond)

So in this topic i'll be posting ideas on how the roleplay should be structured (school structure "ex. like GX", whether or not there will be in game currency, what's on the island, etc.) also if you have an idea on how this should be structured then by all means; post it. to start off im thinking since i was the only person who made a teacher we should have a good portion of the roleplay inside the classroom. ofc to keep things interesting there will be scenes where my char is not in at all so that we may have scenes out side of the class room and sometimes i'll have my char take the class somewhere on the island for a lesson.

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Roleplay Structure ( plz read and respond) :: Comments

hmm the idea is good, perfect for role play, but if it were to be like a gx type foundation, i think the in-game currency would be out points, but what should be bought? one of the things i thought would be like to have something similar to gx, maybe even add in the drama aspect, but this is just my opinion.
i was thinking some of the higher end cards and decks wouldn't be available right away adn you would have to purchase them (e.g. monster reborn, dark worlds, etc) and as for the drama aspect that is completely dependant on what all the chars say and do, remember i only have control over NPC's and the teacher i made. as for the GX set-up i only watched about 40 episodes and so you will either have to wait for me to watch it (which i gave up on about mid-way last year) or give me a run-down on how it was. ty for insight.
that would make it extremely difficult for some and most people as it would quickly deplete the amount of cash we have. also if its like the games, then duels to get more money will be on virtually every second
well of we'll be using a different currency that I'll keep track of and we won't be able to duel w/o me being there so i can limit how many times ur dueling and also make sure your not just helping the other person get money to buy something. you also have to remember that this is a roleplay and therefore you WILL have to buy your character some food (like a lunch period) and so depleting your money on cards will become a bad idea. ill also think up other ways to prevent ppl from spending all their money on cards, but i understand y u thought that it would become unstable. ill figure some proper prices to make it so you can't just buy a chaos dragon deck 1 month into the roleplay for instance. after that i'll give everyone some starting money based on their decks and backgrounds. to address the issue of gaining money there will also be income based off of how much you currently have and how much you have gained off of duels (for instance if you have a lot of money but not much of it has been from duels i'll give a mediocre amount as income)
also im kind of thinking about removing the option of being a teacher, there simply aren't enough ppl in this roleplay to support any moer teachers i think. so i think it best to remove that option for now at the very least.
one of my ideas would be something similar to an anonymous teacher
that's... basically what my teacher is XD
nobody really knows anything about him
OK, so i would like everyone who has made a character or going to make a character to say whether or not they would like to have GX style dorms (slifer red, ra yellow, obelisk blue"ofc i'll make different names") or if they want just one dorms for everyone.
Re: Roleplay Structure ( plz read and respond)
Post on Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:56 pm  Guest
well... i think that would be interesting but with of course different names
k making prices seems to be a little weird cuz im trying hard not to make them ridiculous like 1000 for a red-eyes, but my main problem comes when i try to balance out money gain between rich to poor characters. it's really hard to balance this as the difference is quite obvious; i would like to ask for a little help on this because i don't want the rich characters (there's BOUND to be someone who makes one) to have a significant advantage over the "less fortunate" characters.
how about instead of prices we make tier lists for the specific dorms, might seem unfair but its better than paying for cards
hmmm... well that would make my life easier, but i think we should w8 for at least one more opinion
I think that events should be held to gain cards.Maybe a tin or a 7 card-card pack.That way it'd be balanced rather than having the rich or more advanced duelists from havinng literal card advantage.
that sounds excellent. it'll delay anyone from getting something like a dark world deck right off the bat and it will also eliminate the purpose of money.
i was also thinking about no meta
well... however convenient that would be i think that'd be more work than it's worth. plus the fact that there are non-meta decks that use meta cards so we'd end up running across complications. i do in fact hate meta so i shall simply make it ridiculously hard to make such a deck, you will need to prove to me that you are skillful enough w/o a meta deck for me to allow you to use a meta deck. also i shall change my characters deck from evilswarm to my custom deck just to be fair and keep my duels somewhat entertaining.
well using meta cards dont really make a difference just that the deck will be less of a pain to face against and sure il show you
k i'll look forward to it h-sama, though i did phrase that wrong. what i meant was your character's skill because if you keep in mind that this is pretty much acting as another person; obviously some of the characters don't think like the ppl who made them.
ahh totally understand and i know what to do
k so ocg and tcg cards are allowed. we are following the current ban list; god, earthbound immortal, wicked god, and sacred beasts cards are not allowed. all the rper's have a deck and character, the island and academy has been created (for the most part). we've decided on how new cards will be attained and that seems to be all that's accomplished so far... looooong way to go...
ill be making a list to limit certain "mainstream" cards and some cards that make certain decks have huge advantages over others. if you disagree with this please convince me here on the forum so that i may change my mind.

i'll start with no gladiator beast murmillo, no solemn's, 1 rabbit, 1 pot of duality, 1 card trooper, 0 grand mole's, 1 machina fortress, 1 horn of phantom beast, 0 stardust and starlight road, and no battle fader's.

please remember this is for the starting deck only, you may still acquire these cards later in the roleplay and actually probably will; if someone manages to convince me not to do this which will be unlikely then ill scrap this whole idea.

Roleplay Structure ( plz read and respond)

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