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 Anti meta cards

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Anti meta cards Empty
PostSubject: Anti meta cards   Anti meta cards EmptySat Mar 16, 2013 7:18 pm

I swear,the key to beating Elemental dragon and spellbooks is ONE card.Many are thinking what,imperial iron wall,or necrovalley,but the card that rapes both the decks easily is Zombie world.Im suprised zombies havent been competeting with the meta now.Zombie world makes cards on the field zombie monsters.Your probably thinking,how does that stop these guys?Well,Elemental dragons require dragons to be hey have is their hand,once thats gone they are pretty much screwed.Next there is the dreaded spellbooks.90% of the spellbook cards require there to be a spellcaster monster on your field as zombie world makes them well zombies.This one card,believe it or not can do major damage.Hope some take this into consideration~DHalo
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Anti meta cards
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