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 elemental packs? elemental archtype?!?!

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PostSubject: elemental packs? elemental archtype?!?!   Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:04 pm

i dont believe im the only one whos noticed this but this is very cool to see........for the last few packs i now each has been an specific attribute and of course its own elemental lord but i think they stopped after ltgy... with its own archtype heres what i think they are..also with judgement of the light im basing on the yugioh wikia list and picking it out so dont judge haha

Earth= Return Of The Duelist: Madolches

Water= Abyss Rising: Mermails

Fire= Cosmo Blazer: Fire fists

now Wind= Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy: mecha phantom beast

Light= Judgment of light: Bujin???

so it looks like the next pack after is surely going to be dark based perhaps its going to be a new archtype like all these ones got what do you guys think this new one is going to be
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elemental packs? elemental archtype?!?!
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