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 TaurusFireZ results

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PostSubject: TaurusFireZ results   Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:11 am

Tester Name:(ReactionGod)DHalo
Testee Name:TaurusFireZ

Tester Deck:Gusto
Testee Deck:Lightray/lightsworns

Deck Build: 10/10 (Must receive a screenshot from your testee)
Deck Originality: 6/15 (If they used one of the banned decks automatic 0)
Side Deck: 5 or 0 ( Its 5 or 0 if they have one 5 if none 0)

Rulings and Knowledge:30
Misplays:10 /10 (-1 for each)
Rulings: 15/15 ( did they know their own cards)
Misplay catch: 5 or 0 (This is a Special Category every tester must sneak a misplay in to the game and if its caught 5 points is awarded if not they gain 0)

Attitude: 10
Did they maintain a good attitude throughout the match? 0 or 10

Every test consists of 3 duels. For each duel both players use the same deck, and for each duel you get :
Duel 1: Win +10 Lose -10
Duel 2: Win +10 Lose -10
Duel 3: Win +10 Lose -10
Overall score:71/100
welcome to invincil rank.Hope you enjoy your stay with us.

If the testee scores below a 50 they do not make the clan and their next retest can't be for 1 week.

50-60: Asmodeus
61-70: Desire
71-80: Invicil
81-99: Norleas
100: Enrise

Banned decks:
Chaos Dragons
Chain Burn
Final Countdown
Empty Jar
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PostSubject: Re: TaurusFireZ results   Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:40 am

Welcome to RGE and thank you for already introducing yourself! Hope you will stay active on this forum alien
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TaurusFireZ results
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